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Issues to Consider when Underpinning to create more basement space

There are a few things you will have to consider when you are preparing for lowering your basement floor.

  • Should you change your central heater and does it fit the new location?
  • If you don’t replace your furnace you will need to have your furnace lowered to the new height of basement floor.
  • Same applies to the Hot water heater. Should you upgrade to a tankless or change existing one.
  • If you live in an older home you should consider having your sewer drains replaced with brand-new PVC drain pipe.
  • In some areas you would be required to install a sump pump in the basement.
  • Have weeping tiles installed around the perimeter of the basement walls which would discharge into the sump.
  • If your sewer drain leading out from the basement is too high for the depth you want to excavate to, you could have the city do a new connection form the out side of the house or you could install a sewage injector.
  • You would be requested to install a backflow valve where the sewer drain exit the basement.
  • You may have to install a new set of Stairs and hand rail.
  • You might want to consider installing Radiant Heating in the new basement floor.

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